19 de set de 2011


Virginia, Mike and Sabrina are dressed like the characteres of the webcomic Callous Comics.
This illustration is for thanks to a surprise that I discovered this morning: this fun cosplay that  Carlo San Juan  drawn:

I can't explain why this draw has touched me today, but it made ​​me smile and want to continue. And it's simply wonderful feel this.

Thanks again!

Carlo San Juan webcomic: http://www.callouscomics.com/
Follow him on Twitter: @cazsanjuan and @callouscomics

3 comentários:

calduckmd disse...

It was my honor to pay that homage to your fantastic comic! :D
And this, this is great! Obrigado!!!

Ary disse...

Nossa, como eu gostarai de entender melhor inglês! =P

calduckmd disse...

Catia Ana me inspirou a aprender português apenas para entendê-la em quadrinhos! Embora eu ainda se referem ao Google Translate, como agora. :)